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Care Instructions

It is important to handle wood utensils with utmost care as they can be sensitive to heat and water exposure. Overworking or soaking your woodenware can result in warping, cracking, or a change in color. We recommend our handcrafted pure linseed and beeswax oil mixture for conditioning your utensils every few months keeping them looking new and beautiful.

Note: thinner utensil designs can also be more delicate and require gentle handling.

No Defect Guarantee

Crafted pieces from woodenware to woodware all have unique qualities due to the presence of imperfections such as wood knots, grains and color, which all just add character when intended; however, you can be rest assured that my crafts are free of any true defects such as cracks, chips, splits, separation, frays, splinters, and improper finishes. I am committed to maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship in every piece that I create while constantly learning and improving my woodworking and carving skills.

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