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Emet Design specializes in beautifully handcrafting tableware, furniture, kitchen, and home accessories, all created with a purposeful mission: to spread the teachings of God and to offer a new beginning to those in search of Jesus. Each product is individually crafted with care in my home workshop, adhering to my utmost standards of quality that continue to evolve and improve. Explore our products page to discover the distinct pieces I have created, the inspirations attached to every piece, what it means, and even watch the piece come into existence via my documented journey; all designed to ultimately spread the core message: emet, meaning truth.

I am dedicated to offering products that serve as daily reminders within your home, prompting you to reflect on your personal connection with Jesus. These items are designed to encourage deep and meaningful thought, whether you are starting your day or winding down. There is truly no better space for such reflection than the sanctuary of your own home.

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