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Mission Statement

The goal of Emet Design is to offer a portrayal of God's faithfulness and truth through my personal testimony. My prayer is for you to experience the true love that Christ holds for us, and to let that love radiate onto others. The assurance we acquire from consistently seeking Christ reinforces our integrity, shining a peaceful light that dispels fear and liberates us from our trespasses. Scripture guides us away from living in accordance to our flesh or the ways of the world, urging us instead towards renewal by the transformation of our mind. Through the Holy Spirit living within us, we gain the strength to offer true love, and forgiveness by shedding the anger and bitterness that wound us deeper than those who have inflicted the pain. In remaining loyal and laying our struggles before the Lord, we are assured of His unwavering presence. It is through embracing and living out the validity of God's Word that we gain a clear direction and sense of purpose, for He is the epitome of love, truth, and life; it is our calling to embody His compassion.

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