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  • Each individual product is carefully crafted by hand, by one man - warrantied with confidence.

    Product Line: ROOTED


    The picture frame represents you picturing yourself.

    The roots represent your faith and personal relationship with Christ. As you walk with God in your daily life with meditation in scripture, prayer, and daily encounters, you can watch your roots grow deep in faith becoming harder to uproot as your confidence in Christ grows.

    The plant represents you. As you root yourself deeper in faith and hope in Christ, the confident expectation of what God has promised is in His faithfulness, the plant grows taller, stronger, more confident, and able to hold itself and its leaves up and ultimately grow and grow, providing fruit.


    • Having a plant that needs tending every day, pruning every week, and fertilizing every month represents how we need Christ in the same way. Allowing Him to prune what's necessary from your life, feed us through His word, and speak to us in prayer.


    • As you tend to your plants, this is your daily reminder to deeply self-reflect on your soul, and your personal relationship with Jesus.


    • The bare product itself is a daily reminder of your walk of faith having "emet" boldly stamped on every frame, reminding you of God's truth and true love, and that He is what stands from the beginning of time, to the end.


    Psalm 52 - KJV

    ⁸But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God: I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever.

    ⁹I will praise thee for ever, because thou hast done it: and I will wait on thy name; for it is good before thy saints.


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    • Hand Crafted Picture Frame

      • Hand Selected Locally Sourced
      • Kiln Dried Spalted Ambrosia
      • Precisely Sawn to Nominal Dimensions
      • Perfect Frame to Planter Ratio
      • Sustainable Product with No Waste
      • Hand Sanded to Perfection
      • Natural Mineral Oil Finish
      • Accurately Pre-Drilled & Fitted
      • Quality Hardware
      • Quality Control Passed


      Hand Crafted Acrylic Planter Box

      • Individually Sawn & Fabricated
      • Precisely Sawn to Nominal Dimensions
      • Precise Fitment to Frame
      • Quality Brushed Metal Hardware
      • Assembled &  Leak Tested
      • Leak Test Passed & Warrantied
      • Quality Control Passed
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