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Throughout the challenges of 2023, my faith was strengthened, notably marking ‘Trust’ as the initial cornerstone of my testimony. Although we haven’t fully overcome these challenges, our hearts are filled with a newfound peace from entrusting everything to God. This period has highlighted what’s truly important to me: my faith, serving my community, cherished moments with my wife and children, and fostering authentic relationships. In pursuing these priorities, I encountered a God-driven purpose amid adversity that many overlook. The onset of 2024 brought me face-to-face with slander, a lack of accountability, and deceit, which deeply affected me. I was disengaged, lost in thought, and devoid of any desire to engage with others or my usual activities. I devoted time to understanding these issues from a biblical perspective, pondering the lack of support from my spiritual leaders, and seeking the righteous path forward. With time, prayer, and reflection, I began to understand the reasons and God’s message in it, suggesting that this challenge was introduced at the moment I was ready to confront it faithfully, aimed at transforming my heart and strengthening my faith rather than weakening it, offering an opportunity to make a positive impact that glories God. I believe that God will stand by me and guide this message to all who need it, marking the introduction of my second ‘T’: Truth. I trust that the Lord will protect my family and myself, and through my testimony, bring glory to His name, which leads to the third “T”: Testimony. In my mission, I am committed to living by biblical principles, ensuring accountability and justice, and I am hopeful that this will lead many to discover a true personal relationship with Jesus. Through my trials, I remain steadfast in my trust in God, seeking to deepen my roots of faith and confidence in His unwavering support. Amen.

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